Weltrundschau is a two-part work based on the annual publication of the same name, published by Weltwoche in Switzerland. Filled with significant press images, Weltrundschau covers the most important affairs of one year. Leonid Keller worked with the issues of 1978 and 1984, according to their years of birth. Both works take the format of the book, with 12 chapters for the year. The original contents of each chapter have been edited as collages, that put significant world affairs into a new narrative context. In the case of 1978, 12 collages have been mounted between 4 glass panes each and lined up behind each other on a steel substructure carrying 48 glass panes altogether.

Weltrundschau 1978, 2014
12 collages btw. glass
substructure: steel
180 x 200 cm

Weltrundschau 1984, 2014
12 collages on paper
36 x 46 cm each