We Had Dreams is the title of an installation based on a limited edition zine (25 copies). The zine composes photographs and letters from the 1950‘s - 80‘s, found at Yersin market in Ho Chi Minh City, with photos taken by the artists in Vietnam, over the past ten years. In poetic, partly surreal compositions of then and now, Leonid Keller developes a subjective dramaturgy of tradition, romance and nostalgia, that pays special attention to the individual in a per se collective society.

The zine is installed with elements derived therefrom, including works on paper and sculpture. It is also part of the larger installation We Will Let You Know, composed of Red Book and We Had Dreams.

Untitled, 2015
newspaper, faded
122 x 157cm

Untitled, 2015
mahogany, steel
ca.40 x 50 x 60 cm

I, Le Van Lem., 2015
folded letter, screenprint on photo.
32 x 24 cm each, framed

I am writing / because I can not forget / Time. Together / When we arrived, I could not say a word / I will not see you again

Untitled (We had Dreams), 2015
screenprint on paper
100 x 70 com

Zine (We had Dreams), 2015
edition of 25, numbered and signed
sewn binding, open spine, soft cover
packaging incl. 1 original photograph
48 pages, 33 x 25 cm

installation view