The exhibition Memento Mori deals with images from societal revolution, idealism and anarchy. Presented as an installation, that evokes multiple associations, Memento Mori works with well known images and forms of activism and reduces them to symbolic gestures. Memento Mori questions the social construction of reality and wether the reception of a certain culture of images, that describes our society, limits our societie's visions and means.

Stein und Glas, 2017
cobblestone, coated
10 x 7 x 8,5 cm
high-rise glass
30 x 40 cm

Eines Morgens, 2017
oil on canvas
70 x 80 cm
screenprint on silk
70 x 400 cm

Eines Morgens werde ich die Tür öffnen und auf die Strasse gehen, wie gestern auch.

(from a 1978 poem by the greek actor and anarchist Katerina Gogou. Original wording: Ένα πρωί θ’ ανοίξω την πόρτα/ και θα βγω στους δρόμους/ όπως και χτες. English translation: One morning I’ll open the door and I’ll get out into the streets, like I did yesterday.)

Athens, 17/11, 2017
graphite on paper
56 x 78 cm

Apontes, 2017
video projection
30', loop

neuer rauch-alter himmel 1/2, 2017
collages on paper
50 x 70 cm

vierzig-fünfzig, 2017
layers of spraypaint on book pages*
spraypaint on glass
14 x 20,5 cm, framed
(*from Der Baader Meinhof Komplex by Stefan Aust)