Kings, Queens, and Other States of Mind’ (2022) merges different media into a spatial installation at Kiezkapelle, a former funeral chapel in Berlin-Neukölln.

The show revolves around re-imagined visual worlds that describe the humanist ideal. By combining image and object it addresses societal issues and challenges that arise from a post-anthropocentric worldview.
The exhibition draws on visual quotations from ancient Greece, considered the birthplace of humanism. Leonid Keller allows this imagery, anchored in our collective visual memory, to meet contemporary historical images of society, power and spirituality. Combining bronze and concrete sculptures with non-human elements from nature, Leonid Keller challenges us to see the human in relation to the non-human and to think of the two as inextricably linked.

And Other States of Mind, 2022
collage on paper, bronze
35 x 26,5 x 3 cm

CU29, 2022
ceramic, 23 x 5,5 x 11 cm each
copper plate, 60 x 100 cm

The Venetian Tree, 2022
5-part installation
laquer on concrete, various dimesions

Screenprint and natural indigo pigment on wood, steel structure

200 x 280 x 3cm

Slow Disturbance, 2022
bronze, wood, indigo pigment
260cm / ca 24 x 15, 2,5 cm

Human Sculptures, 2022
collages on paper
ca. 20x 30 cm

Installation view of ‘Kings, Queens, And other States of Mind’
Kiezkapelle, Berlin