Beifahrer Rene Wagner (Passenger Rene Wagner) finds it‘s inspiration in the title of the exhibition „Titel 172 - Prahlerei ist die beste Ausrede auf dem Acker (swagger is the best excuse on the acre). The title was taken from Martin Kippenberger‘s collection of 241 titles for artists to borrow.

The installation follows Kippenberger‘s temporary artistic strategy of letting contract painters paint for him, rather than painting himself. Leonid Keller comissioned Vietnamese street painters with seven identical oil paintings after one photo of a yellow car. The paintings are displayed with seven original drawings by Danny Gretscher.

Beifahrer Rene Wagner, 2014
oil on canvas, 30 x 50cm (7x)
pencil on paper, 26,5 x 35,5cm (7x)
drawings by Danny Gretscher

installation view